Energy: A Mighty Rise

Throwback to our event ” Energy: A Mighty Rise” which held in ENIG on 9 December 2017; in that we presented conferences in the field of solar energy, oil and gas sector and the effective energy.
Many thanks to our speakers from SEREPT, ANME and Green Power.

The oil and gaz sector

we have begun the year with organizing a conference on employability in the oil and gas sector on 08/02/2017 in ENIG. We had the honor to invite Mr.Mohamed KHALDI, Director at ETAP (Tunisian company of petroleum activity), to animate this conference. Mr. KHALDI dwelt on the state of this primordial sector by evoking the importance of this area. In addition, we had the opportunity to launch a debate with him on the situation of the engineer in this sector and the importance of safety aspect in this sector while relying on the different safety standards .